Ramble Rumble for Languages

I’m tired of listening to programmers ramble about what framework or programming language is better. So let me get this straight, you want me to sacrifice speed (C++) for programming convenience and smoothness (Python). No i don’t, if you believe your program needs to be faster than the speed of light then by all means code with a fast language, you can write machine code for all i care. I like being able to quickly prototype programs on my net book while being on a train and as a result i have tied the knot with python. That is not to say that i dont understand the kind of relationship i’m getting into. Obviously, i cannot create the next Farcry using Python (I mean i could but it would not be for mass production). If i wanted to do that then i would use C/C++.

This logic scales up to higher platform disputes like the usual which one is better, Ruby on Rails or Django or just plain PHP. It’s all about preference. I like big butts, my preference.