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Skipping traffic - Applying lessons from Machine Learning

I’ve often found myself stuck in traffic wondering if there’s something better i could be doing. Traffic build ups are the worst, you loose time, productivity etc. There’s not much you can do other than listen to music, play some mobile games or just watch a video on your phone. I believe everyone can agree that they would be better off doing something else.

Distributed Vision Processing - Part 1

It’s been a while since i voiced any opinion or tips on the interwebs. Lets just say i’ve been on a magical journey of figuring out what the hell i’m going to do in the common years. After all the smoke cleared, i saw the path. The path back to the past that is, computer vision processing, my concentration in college. What vision projects?I’m currently working on two vision processing related projects, one has to do with tv, the other has to do with traffic.

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Django Frontend Edit

Django Frontend Edit was created to add “add” and “delete” frontend functions for mezzanine apps but it works with any type of model. It provides a clean and neater way of adding frontend adding and deleting functionality. It used django permissions model to determine if a user can perform the frontend actions. It is especially good for quickly prototyping an app. You can quickly provide adding and delete functions to

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Eureka, I can mongo-doop with dumbo, oops?

Ok, so thanks to the "klaasy" guy working on dumbo and uncomfortable Netbook power coding on the train, i was able to keep using my two recently favorite tools, Python and MongoDb. I merged the current mongo-hadoop repo with a fork which had implemented typedbytes mongo input and output formats (Cleaned it up a tinsy bit) and voila you can do a simple dumbo wordcount as follows: import astimport dumbo class Mapper:     def __call__(self, key, value):         #value come in dict form and since we are not storing binary data, this should work.

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Ramble Rumble for Languages

I’m tired of listening to programmers ramble about what framework or programming language is better. So let me get this straight, you want me to sacrifice speed (C++) for programming convenience and smoothness (Python). No i don’t, if you believe your program needs to be faster than the speed of light then by all means code with a fast language, you can write machine code for all i care. I like being able to quickly prototype programs on my net book while being on a train and as a result i have tied the knot with python.

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